About PIDs

This is the root of the persistent ID (PID) URI subdomain managed by Geoscience Australia on behalf of the Australian geoscience community.

This PID subdomain is used to both identify and provide access to a range of digital resources published by members of the Australian geoscience community such as datasets, vocabularies, terms within vocabularies, schemas, lists of people, systems, etc.

The choice of this domain,, for PID use, rather than perhaps GA's web domain,, is in accordance with 'Cool URI' principles, in particular that PID URIs shouldn't include organsational details that are liable to change with organisational change. Since this domain,, is concept-based, it's likely to remain relevant to Australia for all time (or at least for as long as Australia exists!).

The choice to use a dedicated subdomain, pid, within it to avoid any collisions of web addresses with other users of the domain name, such as the AusGIN website at This subdomain use is similar to other dedicated subdomains such as for the AusGIN Portal at

The system powering the scaled and complex use of this subdomain is an advanced proxy server known as the PID Service which was developed by the CSIRO.

Linked Data PIDs

The PIDs in use in this subdomain are made following URI Guidelines from the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group.

PIDs in use here

The following collections of PIDs are in use within

Some non-persistent web addresses do exist within, such as /pidsvc which is the entry point to the PID Service used to manage the subdomain and /static which contains stylesheets and other web page resources.